Outpost Armory - Customer Service

We opened The Outpost Armory to provide both the novice and expert alike with the best products and service available anywhere. We defend the 2nd Amendment and we're invested in helping responsible citizens protect their rights and liberties.

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Outpost Armory - Customer Service

Postby Ranger9-90 » Sat 11 Oct, 2014 2:06 pm

Too often we overlook professional service, and never recognize a person for going above and beyond. About a month ago, I purchased a trigger kit for my Colt 6940P from Trevor Gasaway at Outpost Armory. Trevor offered his qualified advice, sold me the trigger kit THEN he installed it for me. Awesome customer service!

Today, I returned for what was my real reason for visiting the Outpost Armory. I purchased a Barrett MRAD .308 in a 22" barrel, and 26" .338 lapua barrel conversion. Again, Trevor provided the ultimate customer service experience. Trevor could sell ice to the Eskimo's.

Treat a customer right one time...... Thanks!
Treat me right a second time; then, you have a customer for life!

Go buy a rifle from Trevor! He will treat you the right way.

Ranger's lead the way!
Rangers Lead the Way!
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Re: Outpost Armory - Customer Service

Postby Think_Again » Sun 12 Oct, 2014 7:59 pm

Awesome to hear. And congrats on the purchase.
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Re: Outpost Armory - Customer Service

Postby Barrett Sales » Mon 13 Oct, 2014 9:49 am

I am going to forward this to the guys at The Outpost.
Thanks for posting.

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