COL with 250 grain Lapua Scenars - 338 LM

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COL with 250 grain Lapua Scenars - 338 LM

Postby TedMiller » Fri 16 Sep, 2016 8:45 am

Vihtavuori's reloading manual shows a COL of 3.681 for 250 grain Scenar's and 3.602 with 250 Lockbase bullets. I made a "test cartridge" (no primer/powder) for my 98b using a factory new Lapua case and 250 grain Scenar seated to give a 3.681 col. The only problem is the bolt would not close! If I seat the bullet further to the 3.602 spec for a Lockbase bullet closing the bolt is no problem. The case length is 2.714, which is the correct "trim to" length and the shoulder set back is within spec as one would expect with a new case. Any one else having this issue? Thanks in advance for any help.

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