Looking to buy an M99...

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Looking to buy an M99...

Postby KDA85 » Thu 30 Apr, 2015 8:08 am

I posted a WTB ad in the forum but haven't heard any responses. If I can't find one used to buy where is the cheapest place to purchase new?

Also I hear a lot of people say they like the AR-50 better but I find that hard to believe. Anybody have experience with both? Opinions?

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Re: Looking to buy an M99...

Postby Think_Again » Fri 01 May, 2015 8:40 pm

I am reading your posts. But haven't had any input for you. :-(

I have shot an AR-50 but never a 99. And the AR i only put one round through. I have an 82 and like that way better. But it is just personal reasons.... And being left handed. :-)

I hope someone chirps in. It would be interesting to see a comparison.

I am on my way out of town, but work for a friend that is an ffl. I am sure we can work up a competitive price but most likely shipping and ffl fees would put it to where those in your area would have it priced at. Personally I always shop locally. That way you support the dealers and they will inturn support your needs.

As for a local guy getting you a rifle. Barrett is great to work with. They can buy direct or from their normal distribution lines. They can be had... Just ask as they are out of the proce range for most small dealers to stock.
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Re: Looking to buy an M99...

Postby Marine05 » Fri 04 Mar, 2016 5:23 pm

I have an M99 and it has about 50 rounds shot. It also has a Leopold scope mounted on it. It cost 5K when I bought it new. I will sell it for $3500.


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