1st range day with .416 (funny!)

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1st range day with .416 (funny!)

Postby Stewy_33 » Sat 13 Sep, 2014 6:41 pm

My new .416 M99 came earlier in the week, I had 2 sleepless nights, and (2) 10 hour days in front of my weekend. On Friday I called the range I planned to go to and spoke to 1 of the range masters, he gave me the full okay with my .416 to use on all of their ranges. I bore sighted my scope that evening and packed up for my range day!

When I got to the range, I got setup up prone on the 100 yard range to find zero on my scope. I notified the guy 3 lanes down that I'm going hot! BOOOOOOM!!! (the next thing you hear is HOLY (BLEEP), followed by "I can't see!" and than another (BLeep) from others on the line. I kicked up so much dust that I covered my self head to toe in ground debris, and a giant dust cloud went both directions filling the range house!!! All shooting stopped...After the dust settled a little the range master (who is in his 70's in age) tapped me on the shoulder and said this:

"My god son!" (he laughs and smiles real big) "I didn't know my "pecker" still worked till you did that!" :rofl:

I was asked to shoot up on the bench to limit the amount dirt I was kicking up. Up on the bench it wasn't a dust storm problem and I got the gun zero'd and I'm very happy with my new toy.
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Re: 1st range day with .416 (funny!)

Postby Think_Again » Sat 13 Sep, 2014 7:34 pm

Lol. Great first impression!

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