Barrett m99 on it's way!!

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Barrett m99 on it's way!!

Postby 500mag_guy » Mon 14 Apr, 2014 9:54 pm

Hello folks, new to the forum, new to the 50 bmg world and I've got a few questions for you guys.

I'm getting ready to order rings and I'd like to get a few more MOA out of my Nightforce nsx 5.5-22x56 it has the 27MOA rail and I've been looking at the ExRings 20/30 MOA rings but I'm concerned about how strong they'll be. Is anyone using these rings? How do you like them?

I've been doing a lot of reading on here and it seem like the majority of you are using h50. Is anyone using RL50? If so how is it working for you? It seems like you can achieve a little better velocities with RL50 over h50.

I'd like to use my 50 for hunting and the 750gr Amax's seem like the only bullet in that weight with a awesome b.c. for hand loading. How is the Amax for elk and moose size game? Yes I know it's a huge bullet and will kill anything that walks the planet with the right bullet placement but I'm curious on its performance?

I see HSM loads a 750gr hollow point. I've searched all over the web with no luck finding that particular bullet to be hand loaded. Is it available any where that I may have missed?

Thanks in advance to all that would be willing to chime in on any of this,

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Re: Barrett m99 on it's way!!

Postby shotgun » Wed 16 Apr, 2014 12:59 am

Welcome and congrats on your rifle.
So just how far out are you planning to shoot elk lol. I have EX rings on almost all my long range rifles they are very robust, I would match them up to any rings out there.
In the 20 moa position I can get a zero @ 1 mile with an NXS 8-32x56 using a conservative velocity(which is the most accurate for my rifle) Amax load.
I have never been all that concerned with max velocity, more with max accuracy. That said I have used rl50- with unsatisfactory results- but as each bbl is different YMMV.
I have tried quite a few of the heavy, high BC bullets including some custom lathe turned solids, and have always gone back to the AMAX. I have never hunted with my 82-though my dad's friend thinks it would be the way to go. You know, set it up on top of the camper, glass the meadow 3/4mile away drink coffee while waiting for the monster bull to walk in and stand broadside, take him with a single shot drive the truck over there and grab him almost just like the hunting shows lol. Anyway I am pretty sure the AMAX would not have any trouble dropping anything, at any range you could hit it from.
Everything is pretty scarce right now, people are in hoarding mode still. That is another nice thing about the AMAX it is very easy to find. Midway,midsouth and wideners almost always have them in stock. Usually at least one of them will have them on sale, which is always nice cause they are pricey. And thanks to the EPA forcing the last US lead smelter to shut down I have a feeling all bullets are going to get real expensive soon.
Get the EX rings, you won't be disappointed - and post up some pics when you get it all done. :cheer:
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Re: Barrett m99 on it's way!!

Postby Think_Again » Wed 16 Apr, 2014 6:22 am

Welcome to the site, and Congrats on the Rifle.

I load h50 behind the Amax.. great results, and no where near the max for best accuracy in my rifle. I have shot a lot of targets but never hunted with the rifle. I like being mobile.
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Re: Barrett m99 on it's way!!

Postby Stewy_33 » Sun 14 Sep, 2014 5:03 pm

Did your .416 come with the new or old style butt plate? Unfortuntaley for me mine is the old style and I can't put the new Monopod on it. :cry:
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Re: Barrett m99 on it's way!!

Postby RangeRat » Fri 19 Sep, 2014 10:57 am

Stewy_33, depending on when your rifle was made it might be upgraded. Call Barrett and ask.
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