New pin for butt-stock

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New pin for butt-stock

Postby Hognuts » Mon 07 Jan, 2013 2:18 am

Dane (Vegas) from forum built me a new pin today for the butt-stock on my 99. I had lost one during a hunting trip this fall. The detent on the pin had failed awhile ago and I hadn't gotten around to replacing it and had at times used tape to retain the pin! :mrgreen: He spun this one up on the lathe for me, works well, I am going to look at some local hardware stores for a quick detach retainer pin rather than the standard cotter pin I have in there now.

The factory pins measured .244" I may have him spin up a full set for me if I can find some good quick detach pins for them. The holes measure .250" May be able to tighten up the tolerances in the trigger group by .001"- .002". Possibly make the pins at .245" - .246" still giving you .004" for a "slip-fit", but tightening up things by a few thousandths.



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