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50 Nitronorm Express

Posted: Fri 03 Feb, 2017 12:56 pm
by Nitronorm
I've talked about doing swaging 50 BMG Brass into 416 Barrett Brass and several wildcat 50 Nitronorm cartridges in other parts of the forums. This one wildcat recently came about when barreled and chamber ream my bolt action magnum rifle to 500 A-Square cartridge that I compared ballistic performances exceed the 500 to 577 Nitro Express cartridges mainly cause the powder charges were cordite. You can buy 460 Weatherby Magnum Brass and neck them up to .510" to shoot 50 BMG Ball and swaged 50 Caliber bullets. My supply of necked up 460 WM brass was withering when came across a company selling generic blank Weatherby Magnum brass that was longer in case length for neck trimming to final case configurations. Upon case forming to 500 A-Square dimensions, I realized the case length was .200" longer at the neck, chose to not neck trim, it is now another wildcat I've come up with calling it the 500 Nitronorm Express. I named it so comparing ballistic performance that now exceeds the 600 Nitro Express with cordite powder. If these Nitro Express cartridges were packed with smokeless powder fired through stronger barreled actions the ballistic performances could be equaled to the 50 Nitronorm Express. I took the .510" Throat Reamer to the barreled 500 A-Square chambered Bolt Action Magnum Rifle and reamed the throat to accommodate the longer neck of the 500 Nitronorm Express. The one drawback, the 500 Nitronorm Expess overall cartridge length is too long to load in the magazine and requires to be single loaded.

Re: 50 Nitronorm Express

Posted: Wed 25 Oct, 2017 12:26 am
by Nitronorm
An update on my wildcat I made called 500 Nitronorm Express needed corrective action cause an Australian Brass Manufacturer uses the same brass configuration as mine called the 500 Weatherby. To maintain my wildcat name, I ordered a barrel blank, machine cut to fit on my single shot 50 BMG Pistol, modified the 500 A-Square Chamber reamer to cut the shoulder further up the brass body, modified way use the reloading dies and shot it to re-establish my wildcat’s cartridge name.