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Postby Nitronorm » Tue 23 Dec, 2014 12:21 pm

Hello members from a Mid-Pacific native where I’ve many shooting and gun building experiences, include my old school 50 BMG and 416 Barrett barrel combo Barrett 82A1 that I’ve done many shooting experiences it was designed for, and other unique shooting applications. There is interest joining this forum to provide some information for the record of my R&D's. In 1980’s, internet and magazine articles established I was first to build and shoot a 50 BMG Pistol from a 1911 frame, others before me were not actual pistols, and same time, did a ground up 50 BMG Bolt Action Rifle Build. Year 2000, 50 BMG is banned at our public shooting range, and my Barrett 82A1 uses the 416 barrel there. Both the 50 BMG Pistol and Bolt Action Rifle allowed to shoot 50 caliber, but with wildcat chambered to the 416 Barrett brass necked up to 50 caliber, I call it the “50 Nitronorm,” a name stuck with me when shot the 50 BMG Pistol back when. Check further R&D details leading to this wildcat cartridge on the “Show and Tell.”

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