Long Range 1, Moyock NC June 18, 2014

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Long Range 1, Moyock NC June 18, 2014

Postby Ragin Cajun » Sun 03 Aug, 2014 8:53 am

I attended this course and would like to give an after action report from my perspective:

Facilities: The drive from Norfolk International to Moyock was easy and quick, one tole but the efficiency to get to my destination was worth it. Academi has a facility that is centered around the business of shooting. The lodging is comfortable and quiet. Classrooms are first rate, with video feed to monitors around the room and cleaning stations for each individual student. The ranges are in great shape and emulate some of the elite military training facilities if have seen throughout my career.

Support: A chow hall that has well prepared meals at convenient times. The class rooms were kept clean and neat, there were facilities to clean your weapon as soon as you come off the range, just walk up to a station with an air hose and have at it.

Instructors: Ross Viator, Dave Keenan and Will Riba did an outstanding job of taking the entire class from a zero of 100 yards to 1000 yards in just 3 days. They were very approachable, knowledgeable, and capable instructors. Every class given was enjoyable and very informative. The instruction on the range was spot on! I had a great time, I went to Longe Range 1 with objectives that I wanted to achieve with a long gun and met them all. Mr. Will Riba had duties of he Lead Instructor and trip organizer and I would like to say that Will is a natural born instructor and shooter, very comfortable on the range and in the classroom and that builds confidence in the program.
I've been a military instructor since 1988 and would have these guys on my staff in a heart beat! Thanks to Ronnie Barrett for a great team and dinner Saturday night.

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