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Posted: Fri 19 Aug, 2016 5:23 pm
by jbs2014
Any of you use the RCBS 50 BMG Ammomaster press and dies? Do they size ok for an M82.

Any info would be greatly appreciated

Thank you


Posted: Fri 30 Dec, 2016 4:14 pm
by Doogie
I use a RCBS press.
I normally de-prime my brass using a hand punch first, then a light coat of Imperial Sizing Wax (Actually use CH4D,No petroleum product, uses Bee's Wax instead).
I put a dab of wax inside case mouth and a little around the shoulder. Don't use too much case lube because you will cause lube dings.
I load for a M107 and have no problems.


Posted: Sun 10 Dec, 2017 1:00 pm
by Nitronorm
In 1987 I got into shooting, reloading and swaging 50 BMG bullets for my Barrett, Browning M2HB, Built Own Bolt Action Bench Rest, and Built the first 50 BMG Pistol. I picked using the RCBS Ammomaster Press for reloading cause critical to me it was more compact and very much less crank travel needed, especially when reloading smaller calibers, than it’s larger counterparts. During that time did I buy and machine cut my own swage dies to swage 50 BMG bullets on 25-Ton Hydraulic Swage Press that I built, but there were many other steps making bullets and wildcats that the RCBS Ammomaster Press was better suited for like closing the ends of cut copper tubing make them into copper cups and seating lead cores into them. I use the RCBS Ammomaster Press to swage the 50 BMG and Weatherby brass into several wildcats I mention on other parts of forums. I did away with all my smaller reload presses, only keeping my progressive reloading presses when need lots of reloads. On the RCBS Ammomaster Press do I use adapters for different calibers to do lesser quantities of reloads and swage bullets for smaller calibers. The down side keep in mind now having cranked this RCBS Ammomaster Press many jillions of times only sign of wear is the cross pins in the base connecting links to the ram tend to creep out that need to be pushed back for so many times until I drilled and thread tapped the base just outside edge of cross pin so can use a screw holding washer over edge of cross pin that stopped it from creeping out. Another helpful tip when sometimes I need my full weight on the crank must assure solid reinforcement of your table, my RCBS Ammomaster Press is anchored on 2 inch thickness of plywood that’s on 2 inch thick wooden bench table and still needed 3 x 3 x ¼” Angle Iron to stop serious flexing.