PMC Bronze ammo

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PMC Bronze ammo

Postby SRJG » Thu 11 Jan, 2018 4:02 am

Hi guys, I have a question regarding ammo. I shoot the 660 grain PMC ammo out of my wifes M99 as thats all that is available to us in New Zealand, (at $7.00 a round)...:-)
The box says 3080 FPS, but i doubt its really doing that. Does anyone know what speed it really does? I only have a magneto speed chrony, and it wont fit onto the front of the M99.
I have knocked 100FPS and a bit off the BC when i entered the data into my ballistic programme, so if anyone has any correct data that would also be great.

Thanks for your help
Barrett Optics
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Re: PMC Bronze ammo

Postby Barrett Optics » Wed 25 Apr, 2018 3:47 pm

That 3080fps advertised is based on a 36" barrel. The M99 has either a 29" barrel (fluted) or a 32" heavy barrel (no flutes). Most typical ball ammo is about 2750-2800fps out of our rifles, but the PMC looks to be a tad faster than "typical". You are best to chronograph the ammo as fired through your rifle to get a true muzzle velocity.

if you are pushing to extreme ranges, you might also contact the manufacturer to see if they have Ballistic Coefficient data recorded for mid to long range targets. G1 BC's are very velocity dependent, and while it may be the advertised .710 at the muzzle (at 3080fps), 800 yards down range it will probably quite different and start affecting shot placement. If you can get a G7 BC from the manufacturer, that would be the best way to go, and use the chronographed data.

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