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New Steel Target

Postby Junkie84 » Fri 15 Apr, 2011 4:18 pm

Well, I was finally able to get out this year now that the snow has melted and dried up. It wasn't the best conditions at all thought. It was freezing cold and we literally had a 25 mph crosswind. I have been itching too bad to try out the new target to let a little wind slow me down. I bought a 5/8" AR 500 steel plate from: I made the stand and put in the fence posts because I thought it would tip over. After shooting, I found out that the posts are unnecessary. After the first shot of the American Eagle FMJ I went down to inspect and found the only damage was the paint chipped off. I also shot it with some of the Barnes solid brass bullets that I reloaded and those did not damage the plate as well. I did learn that those cheap carabiners do not work to attach the target to the chains. After a dozen or so rounds they were pulled straight and fell off. I do have the target angled slightly down and you can see in the one picture that the splatter from the rounds hitting the ground dug a small trench. There was some damage to the stand as well from the splatter, but 2x4's are cheap and should last several more trips. Overall, it was a good day. The pictures can be found here:

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